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Book recommendations

Finder’s Keeper

Finder's Keeper

Author: Mar Delaney
Pages: 77
Trope: FF
Teddy’s Boys

Teddy's Boys

Author: E.J Frost
Pages: 318
The Alien’s Zookeeper

The Alien's Zookeeper

Author: Skye MacKinnon & Arizona Tape
Pages: 180
Trope: Aliens, FF
Doctor Daddy’s Lonely Little

Doctor Daddy's Lonely Little

Author: Mary Potter
Pages: 50
The King’s Mage

The King's Mage

Author: Iris Foxglove
Pages: 268
Trope: Dark, MM
The Halloween Mixup

The Halloween Mixup

Author: M. Andrews
Pages: 43
Trope: Holiday
Possessive Alpha Wolf

Possessive Alpha Wolf

Author: Skye Wilson & Lindsey Devin
Pages: 225
Grumpy Special Ops Bear

Grumpy Special Ops Bear

Author: Sedona Venez
Pages: 96
Trope: Shifter
A Lakeside Thanksgiving

A Lakeside Thanksgiving

Author: Leeanna Morgan
Pages: 245


Author: Maggie M Lily
Pages: 327