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New Releases

22FebRelease DayLove Me Like You Won't Let Go by Melissa ToppenYou never get over your first love. It’s something I’ve heard countless times. Like someone has to point out that your pain will never go away. That your shattered heart will never mend.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Second Chance RomanceRead more

21FebRelease DayStolen Moments by Emily BowieOne stolen moment. That’s all it took to change everything. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:BrotherRead more

21FebRelease DayAgainst The Boards by Samantha LindFocused. Driven. I’m the man I am today because I never let the idea of settling down disrupt being the best I can during my hockey career. Genre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:HockeyRead more

21FebRelease DayMission: Impossible to Surrender by Jacki DeleckiNavy SEAL Finn Jenkins will do whatever it takes to protect beautiful Sophie Dean, no matter the risk to his own life...or heart. Genre:Military Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Second Chance RomanceRead more

21FebRelease DayWhat He Never Knew by Kandi SteinerI never learn my lesson. And I always want what I can’t have.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Student TeacherRead more

21FebRelease DayHard as Stone by KM ScottTrouble. Playboy. Heartbreakingly gorgeous. Ethan Stone, the only son and spitting image of billionaire Tristan Stone, has a long line of women who would kill for a night with him, and rumor has it he's more than happy to oblige.Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

20FebRelease DayMischief by Lacey DaileyMischief was my greatest kept secret. The side of me I’d never expose. Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

19FebRelease DayStay All Night by DB James and SL Peters“Stay all night,” were the words echoing from her lips as I slid from the bed like the scumbag I am. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Action & AdventureRead more

19FebRelease DayBreaking the Sinner by Ember LeighAs a religious exile who fled her community only to land in LA, Genevieve couldn’t be greener. Genre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:EmotionalRead more

19FebRelease DayStroke of Luck by BJ DanielsHe’s hoping to bury the past. She’s ready to settle the score.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:WesternRead more

19FebRelease DayThe (Half) Truth by Leddy HarperA sizzling romance about an aspiring young chef who may discover that the perfect recipe for love involves all accidental ingredients…Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

18FebRelease DayThe Risk by Elle KennedyEveryone says I’m a bad girl. They’re only partly right—I don’t let fear rule me, and I certainly don’t care what people think. But I draw the line at sleeping with the enemy.Genre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:HockeyRead more

06FebRelease DayEntwined by Felicity BrandonCan a monster ever find redemption?Genre:Dark RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:ThrillerRead more

Upcoming Releases

25FebRelease DayVow of Devotion by Emma RenshawOne look. Just like that. That’s all it takes for me to know I wanted Ava for more than one night. She takes a single look at me and only sees a player. Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

25FebRelease DayBeautifully Broken Pieces by Catherine CowlesWalker loves his life just the way it is. His town, his family, his brothers in blue. Everything simple and easy--until a chance encounter changes it all.Genre:WomenKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Contemporary RomanceRead more

26FebRelease DayFearless by Elizabeth SaFleurSarah’s life of discipline and rigid control is nearly shattered by two men—one who wishes to submit to her, the other who might break her.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

26FebRelease DayMy Favorite Cowboy by Donna GrantAudrey Martinez is a veterinarian who has devoted her whole life to the care and protection of horses—even if doing so leaves her little time for meeting a man.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:WesternRead more

26FebRelease DayLost and Found by Lexi BlakeOwen Shaw and his “brothers” lost everything, their entire existence erased. Science had robbed he and all the Lost Boys of their memories and their past, but not their future. Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:MilitaryRead more

26FebRelease DayBrothers in Arms by Penny DeeSomeone is going to pay. But who?Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Motorcycle RomanceRead more

26FebRelease DaySunkissed Days by Samantha ChaseMallory Westbrook is ready to make her move on Jake Summerford, the boy – now man – she’s been crushing on for years.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

26FebRelease DayThe Last Letter by Rebecca YarrosBeckett, If you’re reading this, well, you know the last-letter drill. You made it. I didn’t.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:EmotionalRead more

26FebRelease DayHollywood Princess by Natasha MadisonBehind the "lights, camera, action" of Hollywood lies a world of deception, love, and seduction.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:SuspenseRead more

26FebRelease DayStill Brazen by M Malone and Nana MaloneHow the hell did I, the perpetual bachelor, end up accidentally married in Vegas—to my client? Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Action & AdventureRead more

27FebRelease DayThe Protector: MAC by Lisa B KampsThese men never back away from danger—and always fall hard for love Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:MilitaryRead more

28FebRelease DayGone Missing by Jami DavenportWith a missing father, a murderous brother, and a marriage of convenience, Becca Gatlinburg's life is one hot mess...and it's about to get hotter.Genre:Action and Adventure RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:SuspenseRead more

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