How to add a book to TBR Insider

Want to add your book to TBR Insider but not sure how?

These step by step instructions will walk you through the process.

  1. Login or register for an author account on

2. When you login, you will be taken to your profile page. Click on Submit Listing



3. A new page will open to add a book

4. Enter Book Title by Author Name (replace book title with your book and author name with your name) in the title field

5. Click into the large description box

6. Click on the Add Media button 


7. On the popup box, click on the Upload Files tab and click the Select Files button

8. Find your cover on your computer. Once selected click the open button to upload

9. Once the upload has completed, click on the Insert into post button

10. When your cover appears in the description box, right click with your mouse on your cover and choose the Align left option


11. Now the cursor should be flashing at the right hand side of the picture of your cover. If not, press the right arrow key

12. Press the spacebar and then paste your blurb (only formatting available is paragraphs, bold, italics, and underline

13. Once your blurb is entered, scroll down to Event Subtitle box. Enter an attention grabbing headline or exciting part of your blurb. Should be no more the  2 – 3 sentences

14. Every book needs to have it’s release date registered – even if it is older. In the Time and Date section, click the All Day Event option

15. Enter your release date in both the start and end date fields


16. Scroll down to the organizer section. Click on Select a organizer from list button and search your name. If you are there, select your name and click save.

17. If you are not in the list, click the X and click Create a new organizer button. Enter your name at a minimum and click the Add New button.

18. OPTIONAL: in the Learn more about event link box, put the URL of an excerpt of your book on your website or social media

19. OPTIONAL: if you are adding your upcoming book to the blogger open signups calendar, paste the link to your open signup form in the Blogger Signup box. We will update this field to allow your form to be prefilled for registered bloggers

20. In the Buy Now section, enter the text you want on your button in the top field and your universal book link or the link to your preferred retailer in the bottom field

21. Enter Standalone or your Series Title, Book x (replace series title with your series name and x with the number in the series) in the Series or Standalone box



22. Scroll back up until you see the option to Set Book Image on the right hand side. Click this link and click on your book cover (typically first in list)

23. Scroll up and select if you want your book to be shown to readers or bloggers (please note: blogger listings are for upcoming releases with open signup forms. Once your release date has passed, it will be converted to a reader listing)

24. Scroll up and choose up to 2 tropes from the list. If your ideal trope is not listed, click Add New Trope Category and enter it 





25. Scroll up and select if your book is part of the kindle unlimited program

26. Scroll up and choose your genre 

27. When everything is entered correctly, simple hit the Submit For Review button.

All books are reviewed manually before going live. This is to ensure that each listing is set out correctly and you have completed all fields. You will be advised when your book is live – usually within 24 hours.

To view all of your books listed on TBR Insider, simply click the Books in the very left hand side black menu

To return to the main website, simply click TBR Insider next to the house icon on the very top menu.

If you have any questions or need help, please reach out:

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