Thanks so much for your interest in TBR Insider.

I started TBR Insider to help romance readers like me find new books to read. Every romance reader has storylines that they love to read, and I wanted to give them an easy way to find books. I welcome any type of romance book to be included. 

Inclusion on our website is a mixture of authors adding their books, and our team adding new releases. The only way to guarantee your books is included for consideration is to create an account and add it.

Books that are listed on our website include such information as the genre, trope(s), page count, kindle unlimited enrollment, and how steamy. Readers can then search by one or all of these options to make sure that all recommendations are personalized to their taste. When they register on the site, readers will also get recommendations based on their preferences.

We also have a mailing list that focuses on new romance releases. Subscribers choose their genre and trope preferences, so each newsletter targets only audiences that are interested in the books shared.

Why join TBR Insider?

Romance readers are ravenous. Many readers consume hundreds of books a year.

Readers are constantly looking for new books, and many times they want a particular storyline.

By including your book on our website with your tropes, you can target readers that want to read your book.

This is also the only way that you can be guaranteed that your book(s) are considered for inclusion.

How do I submit my books?

You will need to register for an author account on our website. This will allow you to add and manage your books.

Once your account has been activated, you will be taken to your account dashboard.

Simply use the Add Book menu option to add your book.

How much does it cost?

Nothing to include your book on the website.

We are actively looking for authors that would be interested in a newsletter swap. If you are interested, please email

When will my book be live?

All books added need to be approved before they appear in the searches on the website. This can take up to 2 days. You will see you book update to published on your dashboard.

Authors are only advised if their book has been rejected.

How many genres can I include?

As many as you want. But only ONE will appear in the search results

How many tropes can I include?

You can add as many tropes as you want. Only the first 2 will appear on your book listing in the searches.

If you add a trope that is not included as standard, we reserve the right to not include it as part of the tropes that are listed on our website. So it is always recommended that you choose at least 1 predefined trope.

Do I have to fill out all the options on the on the Add Books form?


But the more options that you enter, the more searches your book will appear in.

What if I see my book on your website that I haven't added?

Our team add new books to the website all the time.

If you find one of your books and would like to claim it, after you register and log in, simply fill out the claim a book form.

Still got a question?

If there is something that we haven’t answered, send us an email to, and we’ll respond as soon as possible