Kandiland - T.L Smith

“Stop the fucking car, Huxley.”

He does as I say, brings his car to a complete halt in the middle of the road. A horn beeps at us, but he doesn’t care. He just stays where he is. Reaching for the door, I get out, taking my purse with me and running off the road. Before I can get a fair distance away, he has me, lifting me up and pulling me to his body. My front slams into him, his hands lift me from my ass up. His eyes are like a storm as it comes over you, one that’s so intense you’re afraid of what it’s about to bring.

“Stop running from this, it doesn’t do you any good. And to be completely honest, it’s making me fucking crazy.” His voice is hard, just like his body that’s pushed up against me. Hard. Everything about him is.

“You can’t…”

His lip twitches. “I can and I will.”

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