Maddox - Melanie Moreland

We stared at each other, not speaking. Slowly, the air shifted, growing more intense.

“So tell me, Deirdre, what are you wearing under that business-like navy suit you have on?”

She loved it when I murmured her full name. No one used it but me, and I only uttered it when we were alone.

She traced the rim of her glass, eyeing me. “I’m sure you’d like to know.”

I shifted, my erection lengthening as I thought about it. Wondering what secret I would discover tonight.

Dee was a walking contradiction. Classic, dark suits, neutral-colored blouses. No fuss hair. Simple makeup. No jewelry.

However, underneath the linen and cotton was an entirely different story.

Lacy, push up bras, tiny triangles that covered silky curls and a sweet little cleft I knew intimately.

Satin, lace, silk, and sin.

Black, pink, red, every color under the rainbow.

Cutouts and high tops. Thongs, boy shorts, strapless, bustiers, stripes, polka dots, pin tucked, bedazzled, and sexy.

She had them all. She was sex on legs.

“Why don’t you show me?” My eyes raked down her body.

She stood, her fingers drifting to the pearl buttons under her neck. I settled into the cushions, anticipation waking every nerve in my body.


She tilted her head.

“I want it slow tonight, baby.”

She shrugged out of her jacket, the fabric a dark pool on the floor.

“Is that so?”

“Yes.” My cock grew harder as she moved. Slow. Sensuous. Exactly the way I instructed her.

“Do I get a reward?”

I palmed my erection. “You get me. Buried so deep inside you, you’ll feel me for days.”

Her blouse joined her jacket, a cream lace bustier encasing her torso that made me groan. Her breasts were high, ready to spill over the tight lace. I wanted to bite them. When her skirt fell, revealing the thigh highs attached with tiny straps of lace, I almost lost it. The scrap of material nestled between her thighs was so minute it was ridiculous. And sexy as hell.

I widened my legs. “Come here.”

She stood between my knees. I trailed my fingers up and down her thighs, tracing the ribbons and lace, teasing the satin of her skin. I jerked her forward, burying my face into her pussy, breathing her in.

She whimpered as I pressed my mouth to her, hard.

“You want me. I can smell how much you want me.”

She dug her fingers into my scalp, lifting my face.

“Yes. But the rules still apply, Maddox. Sex. That’s all it is. Nothing has changed.”

I smiled grimly. “I wouldn’t expect it to.”

“Then fuck me.”

Never breaking eye contact with her, I shredded her panties. Tore them away from her skin with one firm yank of my fist.

I would fuck her. I would fuck her because that was what we did.

To the outside world, we were the same: cool, calm, and collected. Detached.

When we came together, alone, things changed. We were relentless. Explosive and insatiable.

She fucked with my control.

I fucked her to get it back.

That was our game. It always had been.

Until one of us changed the rules and fell in love.

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