Find, sign-up and manage promo events with TBR Insider

Our dedicated blogger section lists open promo events and review requests, auto-populates your information into signup forms and saves events to your event dashboard and/or your calendar.

We work with romance authors and promo companies, big and small, to share their events in one easy to find location for bloggers.

Open Promo Event Calendar

We want to help make it easy for you to find release blitzes, cover reveals and review opportunities from your favorite authors, as well as discover new books and authors to love.

Our open promo event calendar has been designed so you can quickly browse all open promotional events. Promotional events are listed in date order, for you to easily reference when you need to post.

The event calendar also includes the genre for each book, as well as the main book themes, so you can easily decide if the book interests you, or suits your audience.

You can sign up for a promotional event from directly within every listing.

View Open Events

Auto populated signup forms

Never enter your basic information into sign-up forms again!

When you register for an account with TBR Insider, we ask you to supply your basic blog information.

When you sign-up to an open promotional event via the sign-up form on TBR Insider, we will make sure that we fill in your basic information, so that you don’t have to. For example, where the form asks for your name, blog name, email, website, social media links, and kindle address, our forms will have this already filled in.

This means, forms can be completed in under 30 seconds on average.

Personal Event Dashboard

and save to calendar feature

Keep track of what promotional events you have signed up for with your own personal event dashboard.

Every listing has the option to “Save this book”. When clicked, the book will be automatically saved to your event dashboard. You can do this as soon as you finish signing up without leaving the open promo event calendar.

Your event dashboard is accessed via the main menu inside the blogger section. All promo events you have saved will be listed in date order, so you can ensure that you never miss the date you need to post.

In addition to saving to your event dashboard, every listing also has an option to save the event to your calendar. Simply click the link to be taken to your calendar to save.

We are proud to have partnered with the following pr and promo companies to include and automate their signups for bloggers.

How it works

Before you can start using our website, you will need to register your details. These are used to pass information across to signup forms and create your personal event dashboard.

Once logged in, you will be taken to open promo events calendar. You can then browse all listings, or search for a particular listing or author.

When you scroll down to the signup form, you will see that your details will be auto-populated.

You can watch a demonstration of both registering for an account and using the website below.

Want to have a look before registering?

If you would like to see how this works for a blogger, you can test it out with our test blogger user. Simply use the detail below:

Login: https://tbrinsider.com/bloggers/blogger-login

Username: testblogger

Password: Testbl0gger

Please note: the embedded signup forms will have the auto-populated details for this test blogger. Please DO NOT submit

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly