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Release Date

September 30, 2021


A Merchant's Scheme of Desire

Lucy Langton

Tropes: Regency

Being an Earl’s daughter, Lady Cecilia Ramsbury knew that pursuing her real passion to become a gown’s designer would be impossible. However, when her parents decide to betroth her to a horrible gentleman, Cecilia realises that this is her last chance to follow her heart. After accepting an invitation to meet a very influential designer, Cecilia will come across a tempting man, eager to help her out…

Could this mysterious merchant be the key to Cecilia’s success?

The vigorous Joshua Carter is an ambitious merchant who plans to expand his family linen drapery business. Even though he has his way with women, his one true love is his job. However, when a business meeting with a famous French modiste brings him close to the seductive Cecilia, he can’t help but offer her a place to work.

Little did he know that this offer could lead to so much more…

While Cecilia’s fashion show proceeds, so does the revelation of her little workshop by her evil husband-to-be… Unable to resist their flaming feelings, Joshua and Cecilia find themselves trapped in their own scheme. Will they choose to risk it all for a lust too overwhelming to resist, or will their passionate affair die along with their dreams?

“A Merchant’s Scheme of Desire” is a Regency romance full of passion, forbidden love and adventure. If you like powerful heroines and mysterious lovers, then you’ll adore Lucy Langton’s Regency tale.

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