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Release Date

September 30, 2021


A Rancher's Bride

Cat Cahill

Series: Crest Stone Mail-Order Brides,
Book 2

Can a rancher and a socialite put their differences aside to find love?

Jacob Fletcher’s ranch has always been first in his life. But after seeing his sister happily married, he can’t get the idea of a wife and a family out of his mind. With few women nearby, he places an advertisement for a mail-order bride–one who is strong and capable, and able to care for the house while he spends his days tending to the ranch.

Susannah Hughes is on the verge of spinsterhood. With an uncle who refuses to let her marry, she sets her sights West after a dear friend finds love in Colorado. Surely a rancher will be able to provide a good life for a young woman used to city comforts. She answers Jacob’s advertisement, packs up all she owns, and heads West. But the ranch isn’t the picture of refinement she imagined, and Jacob isn’t particularly tolerant of her expectations.

His new wife is afraid of the chickens, despises dirt on her clothing, and can hardly cook an edible meal, and yet Susannah’s kindness and friendly disposition slowly make it easier for Jacob to not only overlook her shortcomings, but enjoy her company. Just as Jacob and Susannah begin to acknowledge their feelings, a mysterious package arrives for Susannah–and danger isn’t far behind.

Will Jacob and Susannah’s love survive a man driven solely by greed?

A Rancher’s Bride is the second book in the sweet and clean Crest Stone Mail-Order Brides series. It can be read as a standalone or enjoyed as part of the series. The Crest Stone Mail-Order Bride series is a spin-off of Cat’s Gilbert Girls series, and many of your favorite characters appear in both series.

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