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A Slip of the Tongue

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Release Date

May 6, 2019


A Slip of the Tongue

Nikky Kaye

He thinks he’s God’s gift to women, and I feel compelled to be the first recipient to return him.

When Ash Garrison stormed into my office and said I owed him a date, I thought he was crazy. Okay, crazy and hot. But I’m Miss Behave. Good girls like me aren’t supposed to fall for smooth-talking men with smoldering eyes and hidden tattoos—especially since now that we’re fighting for the same job. Unfortunately, one minute I want to kill him, and the next minute I want to climb him like a tree.

Why did I want to be a good girl, again?

A SLIP OF THE TONGUE is a flirty, frisky romantic comedy about putting the “man” back in “manners.” This enemies-to-friends-to-lovers office romance will push all your buttons, then unbutton them…

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