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Release Date

October 1, 2021



RE Butler

Series: Were Zoo,
Book 12
Tropes: Shifter

Alpha gorilla Atticus Keeton never believed that love was in the cards for him, not even with the Amazing Adventures Safari Park’s VIP tour bringing in unmated females from all over the tri-state area. He wants to find his soulmate, but he doesn’t think it’ll happen. When he’s compelled to go into the park, he sees a beautiful human female he’s certain is his soulmate. The problem? She’s been on the run for two decades from a dangerous polar bear shifter who wants her and her daughter dead, and she doesn’t know that shifters are real.

Lori Jones can’t relax. Even though she’s been living in an apartment complex within the park, behind stone walls that are patrolled constantly, she’s still afraid. Still worried that her daughter’s father is somehow going to get to them and kill them both as he promised he would. She’s spent so long on the run that she doesn’t know how to trust that she and Novi are finally safe, no matter what her daughter or her daughter’s new boyfriend promise.

When Lori meets the most gorgeous guy she’s ever seen in her life and feels an immediate connection to him, the first thing she worries about is that he’ll become a target and potentially get hurt because of her past. While she doesn’t want Atticus to get hurt, she can’t stay away from him, and his promises that he’ll keep her safe no matter what are enough for her to let her guard down.

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