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Big Boxer

Release Date

September 30, 2021


Big Boxer

Cassie Mint

Series: Big Boys,
Book 3

I don’t mean any harm when I call the boxer past his prime.

But my blog piece goes viral–and the boxer comes knocking.

It’s bad enough meeting someone you’ve written about. Someone you hero-worshiped as a kid; whose poster used to hang on your wall.

But it’s worse when your piece was less than kind… and the man turns your legs to jelly with a single glance.

Okay. I messed up here. And Lucas Scott is not afraid to let me know it. But once tempers have cooled, he’s not ready to leave.

That thing I wrote about his stamina?

…Yeah. The boxer’s got something to prove.

Big Boxer is a short and steamy age gap instalove story, with a burly hero who fights for his love.

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