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Release Date

October 18, 2021


Billionaire Mogul—Beckett

Scarlett Avery

Series: Billionaire Moguls,
Book 1

So, I tell off the cocky stranger I’m trapped in an elevator with. I never expected he’d turn out to be my new boss.

Our first encounter is a disaster.

He blames me for the mechanical failure.

Okay, he might be right, but I’m unwilling to concede.

As the minutes tick by, he decides to put the moves on me.


We’re trapped in the dark, in an elevator, suspended in mid-air in a shaft, and he’s flirting?!

Beckett—that’s his name—is a presumptuous and arrogant bastard.

So what if his deep, sexy voice turns my inside to the consistency of molten chocolate lava cake? This isn’t the time or the place, Casanova.

To shut him up, I tell him off.

When the nightmare is finally over, I can’t get away from him fast enough.

With a good riddance on my lips, I clack my designer high heels on the floor, and dash off without so much as a goodbye.

I’m forced to eat my words when I step into a life-changing meeting-slash-interview, and I’m face-to-face with the man I thought I’d never see again.

He’s my new billionaire mogul boss-slash-client?!

Turns out there are consequences for telling off the boss…

USA Today Bestselling Author Scarlett Avery brings you an outrageously naughty billionaire boss office romance featuring a hotter than hell former rockstar turned domineering CEO boss.

READER WARNING: This sinful page-turner is filled with lots and lots of very inappropriateoffice conduct. If you’re not into dominant, tattooed billionaire bosses who won’t hesitate to abuse of his power to punish when the new hire disobeys him, DO NOT one-click this scorching hot romance.

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