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Release Date

October 1, 2021


Blinded by Love

Reana Malori

Dear Love Vixen,

I don’t know what to do and I need your help! My best friend died one year ago. Since then, I’ve been helping her husband with their five-year-old daughter. I didn’t mean for it to happen but… I’ve fallen in love with my best friend’s husband.

I’m so torn. Do women have a ‘Sister Code’ that says we can’t date an ex? Because if there is, I think I’m about to break that rule in a huge way. I’d love nothing more than to climb him like a spider-monkey, but I’m worried that I’m betraying my friend’s memory.

Please help me, Love Vixen. My feelings for him seem so wrong, but I can’t just turn them off. Do I keep my feelings to myself and just deal with my own heartbreak? Should I let him know how I feel? Should I just suck it up and find someone else?

Confused in Virginia

Dear Virginia,

Oh sweetie, you are in a pickle.

Grief has no timeline and he’s still mourning. You need to take a step back and focus on his child while he heals. You are a remarkable woman to rearrange your life in order to be there for the little girl. With patience and caring he may one day realize what has been right in front of him.

You asked me what you should do? There isn’t an easy answer. Is life ever easy? Listen to your heart. It seems like you already know what to do.

Good luck, hon!
The ♥️ Vixen

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