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Release Date

October 24, 2021


Blood of the Saints

Denver Rose

Series: ,

Good and Evil. Saints and Sinners.

How do we determine the difference between virtuous and immoral?

I found myself asking this over and over as I lay awake at night contemplating the consequences of one fatal mistake.

The lines are blurred between reality and my darkest desires while I fight the monsters in the shadows to protect the innocent around me.

Now I’m standing face-to-face with the three biggest monsters of all. Three devious, demented, and psychotic men who would do anything to see me break.

Ace Lennox, Theon Watson, and Blais Monroe are the definition of sinners.

A normal person would see them and run. I’m anything but normal.

Their torture and torment bring out the darkness looming under my skin. Wickedness I’ve been trying to keep locked away for years is threatening to escape.

If I let it consume me, there’s no turning back.

The only question is:

Do I fight to be a saint or do I accept that I was born to be a sinner?

Blood of the Saints is a dark reverse harem standalone!

Trigger Warning: This book contains detailed sex scenes which may include dub-con or rough sex. This book also contains extreme violence, torture, and talk or flashbacks of abuse, domestic violence, and suicide. This book is dark and recommended for 18+

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