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Release Date

September 30, 2021


Bound to the Magic

Meredith Clarke

Series: Crescent City Magic,
Book 1

Love Sucks.

You know what’s the worst part…
loving someone I can never have.

Elden should be mine, but he’s promised to another.
That’s the problem with falling for a leader of the fae council.
Our lives are not our own.
Everything, even everyone, is chosen for us.

Ending things with him was the right thing to do.
But try telling that to my broken heart.

I want to stay away. I have to.
Only now he’s on my doorstep with an arrow in his back.
I’m the only one who can help him now that his world has been thrown into chaos with the ancestors’ power.
But am I strong enough to do the right thing twice?
Can I keep my heart whole in the process? Or will fate shatter it again?

Bound to the Magic is the first book in the Crescent City Magic series. If you love a badass heroine, a hot AF fae, and mystery and action, this series is for you!

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