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Christmas Bump

Release Date

September 30, 2021


Christmas Bump

Trisha Ridinger McKee

Series: ,
Tropes: Christmas

Winona has been sheltered her entire life. Raised by a protective single father and overshadowed by her high-achieving, older half-sister, she is suddenly feeling the need to break free and pave her own way. When she discovers she is pregnant, she moves to a small town, the sort of place she has always dreamed of with quaint shops and neighbors that stop in for a cup of tea… and town festivals, including the ever-popular Christmas Festival. The only snag in her dream move is the irritatingly handsome, independent Cooper, the same guy who owns the house she is renting. Struggling to overcome her spoiled ways and prepare for the upcoming baby, Winona knows she has to ignore the charm of this man or possibly risk falling into the same trap she worked so hard to escape.

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