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Release Date

October 15, 2021


Claimed by the Alien Chieftain

Ella Maven

Series: Mates of the Kaluma,
Book 3
Tropes: Aliens

“She’s my match… in more ways than one.”

Sherif: Although my brother disappeared many cycles ago, I’ve never given up hope that he’s alive. I get word about a human who has seen him, but she’s evading me. When I finally come face to face with her, the situation becomes a whole lot more complicated, because I can’t deny the pull toward the female with the smart mouth. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’ll be by my side as I rule over my people.

Zuri: I heard about the Kaluma looking for me, and I’m not interested. No way. It’s bad enough he knows I’m human, but if he finds out the reason I’m free from my captors, he’ll surely lop my head off with his deadly blades.

But he’s hard to shake, and when we finally meet, I realize there’s a whole other problem—he’s claiming me as his mate, and I’m not sure I can resist.

Claimed by the Alien Chieftain features a determined alien hero with alpha tendencies and a hacker heroine with deadly aim.

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