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Release Date

September 30, 2021



Ellie Merlin

There are old Society rules that separate Winter from the New Society ways in the country of New Dominion.
Winter has never broken one.The one person who was on her side, her sister, is gone from this world and Winter wants to give up but she can’t. For her sister, she needs to live; To continue the life that her sister left behind. She must marry the man prearranged for her sister.
Hiram Theodore Wolfgang.
His name is just as ominous as he seems.
Hiram can’t marry the woman he wants. Not being raised around the old Society rules doesn’t mean he can escape them. He must honor the marriage clause of New Dominion.
But what will happen when Hiram commits the ultimate crime? Falling in love with Winter instead of living in a loveless marriage? Does he know how incurable love really is? It is an illness with no cure.
Love has no medicine, temporary reprieve, or cure. That is why it is the biggest crime of all.
An Incurable Crime

TRIGGER WARNING!!! Subjects surrounding suicide, eating issues, etc. Please read at your own discretion.

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