September, 2019

22SeptRelease DayCrossing The Line by Linny LawlessRide hardcore with some bad boy bikersChoose Genre:Romantic SuspenseChoose Kindle Unlimited:YesChoose Trope:Motorcycle Romance,Suspense Standalone or Series: novella standalone Read more

Standalone or Series

novella standalone


Bear and his club, Hellion MC are in a bloody war with their enemy – the Cutthroats MC. They decide to patch over with the Berzerkers MC to strengthen their numbers and take down their enemy. Before the pact is made, Bear runs into Holly. She’s naïve and pure – a breath of fresh air to a dangerous man like him. And she’s off limits since her brother, Diezel, is the Berzerkers President. But Bear crosses that line and claims Holly for himself, even if Diezel wants him dead.