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Release Date

October 23, 2021


Daddy's Accidental Little Fighter

Penny Snoak

Series: Daddy's Accidental Little Series,
Book 6
Tropes: DD/lg, Insta-Love

She’s had to struggle to survive almost all her life. He’s got everything he could possibly want…


I’ve always been on my own, and I never count on anyone.
That’s the way it has been, and it’s the way it may always be.
It would take a miracle to rise to the top from here.
Getting the job at Darling Realty, freshly reformed, is that miracle.
I may have to start from the bottom, but I know I can do it.
That is until I meet him…
Sexy, mysterious, handsome, and rich
However, he doesn’t seem to care about anyone but himself.

My brothers are making their fortunes in real estate, and they have love.
Meanwhile, I’m all alone with nothing better to do.
That’s why Lance asked me to help him manage Darling Realty.
He hopes that spending time among normal people will help me open up.
That’s when I met her…
Sweet, innocent, tough, sexy, curvy
She’s the whole damn package.
Maybe meeting normal people isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Daddy’s Accidental Little Fighter is a hot, short, sexy Age Play romance featuring two consenting adults who are the perfect match for each other. It includes some DDlg elements, some moments of suspense, lots of lust and love, and a Happily Ever After you can root for. Enjoy!

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