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Release Date

October 17, 2021


Daddy’s Seductive Little

Jess Winters

Series: Vegas Daddy's Little Girl Series,
Book 7
Tropes: DD/lg, Insta-Love

He’s her savior. She’s not looking to be saved.


Why did I always choose the wrong men?
I’d finally been brave enough to leave him,
But definitely needed help.
Was the dangerous, handsome stranger in the alley
A better choice than the abusive husband I left there?
I didn’t know.
But I knew I had to find out.
As he carried me away from my nightmare,
His touch comforted and aroused.
He promises to keep me safe.
But is that even possible with my luck?

Seeing her beaten in the dark alley,
I could hardly control the rage at the weakness in this man.
Huddling her small, broken body,
I knew she was going to change me.
Her strength and stubbornness drew me,
Even as I tried to push her away.
My life was too dangerous for her
Wasn’t it?
Maybe her life is just dangerous enough
That she needs me in it.

Daddy’s Seductive Little is a roller-coaster ride of sensual moments and violent actions. It’s an ageplay romance featuring consenting adults who turn out to be ideal matches It includes DDLF and ABDL elements, drama, and an exciting Happily Ever After! Enjoy!

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