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Release Date

October 15, 2021


Dare to Love My Fake Husband

Ellie Hall

Series: Forever Marriage Match,
Book 3

New Louboutins? Check
Fashion design mogul? Check
VIP wherever it matters most? Check
An unsettled feeling about the future? Um, check

Pressure to live a certain lifestyle turned my world toxic. Late nights bubble with drama, my relationship with my “not-boyfriend” fizzles, and failing to meet my parents’ expectations means one thing. They arrange my marriage.

Yes, for real.

Dean Wolfson is not looking for love, nor does he want his family’s business to go under. When he has the opportunity to bail them out, he says yes to marrying his best friend’s sister—a hot mess. It’s just temporary and then he can get on with his life.

I resent that, thank you very much.

We’re sent to the countryside to “play house.” What starts as a disaster with a leaky roof, sneaky possum, and an indoor mushroom farm turns into distraction. Dean with his charm—showing me what real fun is. And I guess he likes my smile or something.

But when I learn about a secret from his past, do I dare love him?

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