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Release Date

November 1, 2021


Dear Santa

K.C. Wells

Tropes: Christmas, MM

Ten-year-old Chris’s request to see Santa again takes Dave by surprise. He’s a little old for that, surely? But Dave will do anything to put a smile on his son’s face. Except when they get there, Santa is the one to make Dave smile. He’s pretty sure there’s a gorgeous man hiding beneath that white beard. And those eyes… Not that Dave gets a chance to even say hello. Chris tells Dave to stay back. Well, Christmas is a time for secrets, right?

Jeff loves playing Santa. That cute kid with the huge eyes – and the hot-looking dad – just surprised the hell out of him. Jeff hears all kinds of strange requests during the holiday season. But this one beats them all – even if it takes a little coaxing to get it out of the kid.

“There must be something you want for Christmas.”
The boy snuck a glance over to where his dad stood with one of Santa’s elves. “Well… there is one thing.”
“And what’s that?”
He bit his lip. “It’s not for me.”
Jeff smiled. Sweet kid. “Tell me.”
“You’re Santa. You can do anything, right?”
Jeff smiled. “You bet.”
“My dad… he’s a great guy, but… I think he’s lonely.”
Jeff gazed at the kid’s dad. “Oh. Okay.” How can someone so beautiful be lonely?
“So… what I really want for Christmas… is for him to find a new… boyfriend.”
Jeff slowly arched his eyebrows. “I see.”
The boy nodded. “Ever since Papa died, I know Dad has been unhappy. He tries to hide it, but I can see. And it’s been three years since Papa went. Do you think it’s too soon for him to fall in love again?”
Jeff stared at the man. “No, I don’t think it’s too soon.” He gave the kid a smile. “Leave it with me. I’ll see what I can do.”

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