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Release Date

October 8, 2021


Depending on the Boss

Brynn Hale

Series: The Boss,

I accepted a position in my dream job two months ago.
As I drop my precious five-year-old Noah off, I hear him sneeze as he walks away and my mom flags go up internally.
My boss opens my eyes to how much potential I have, and a late night in the office sets off a chain of events that neither of us can take back.
Dax Ronan comes with a reputation of working hard and playing harder.
With a myriad of tattoos, those toffee eyes, and a lopsided smirk, he seems too good to be a bad boy.
And then Noah gets sick, and I can’t do the presentation, but if I don’t, I’ll lose out on the biggest account and a commission that will move us out of an apartment and into a house.
Dax volunteers to take care of Noah and help out.
Can I trust this man when everyone else distrusts him?

Two months…I’ve waited for an opportunity to be the man she needs.
Because as far as I can tell Anna Markel can live without one.
She’s strong, confident, and when I find out she comes with a son, I’m surprised.
It’s a secret I never knew about her.
But I have my secrets, too.
I’ll save the day, and maybe I’ll get saved by her, too.
She can depend on me and I’m ready to be bossed around, Anna…bring it on!

This October meet the bosses who deserve a little something special for Boss’s Day.

The Boss has been doling out big bonuses, well-deserved down time, and special treats for good behavior. They’ll do anything it takes to keep their employees happy. Now it’s time to play favorites and show The Boss who’s in charge from the bedroom to the boardroom.

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