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Dirty Deal

Release Date

October 10, 2021


Dirty Deal

Erin Havoc

Series: Alpha Billionaire Obsession,
Book 2

An Instalove Mafia Romance

I’m a prisoner. My father never lets me out, and not because he’s protective.
The one time I glimpse at freedom, and I’m a prisoner all over again.
Doesn’t matter how handsome Greco is. Doesn’t matter he’s the one man who ever treated me like a person.
I’m not falling for that Stockholm sh*t. And I know he’s mafia.
Greco and I are not a pair, and we’ll never be. I’m escaping this place the moment he looks away.

I see humans, but no humanity.
This is how we play. Dirty. Until I meet her.
Isabella’s the purest, prettiest flower I’ve ever put my eyes on.
I’m obsessed. Instantly need my hands on her, her lips on me.
But she hates my guts and she doesn’t hide it.
I am, after all, the villain who kidnapped her from her father.

Alpha Billionaire Obsession has everything we love: steamy scenes, sweet romance, strong girls and possessive alphas. Adults only!

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