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Doctor Daddy’s Lonely Little

Release Date

October 16, 2021


Doctor Daddy's Lonely Little

Mary Potter

Series: Doctor Daddies Little Series,
Book 1
Tropes: DD/lg, Insta-Love

She is desperate to be loved. He will never let her be lonely again.


I had everything I could ever want.
A perfect job, money, and family.
Even with all of that, I still wasn’t happy.
I still wanted more.
I wanted a woman who I could trust, who I could love. A woman who made my blood burn.
Dating wasn’t getting me anywhere and finding a Little that was perfect for me seemed impossible.
I’m beginning to give up.
Then I meet her, battered and bruised, but so beautiful and sexy.
I had to have her.

I’ve been alone my entire life.
I’ve grown used to the solitude, but still crave the affection and love that I see in others around me.
I thought I could find that in my ex, but soon realize what a mistake that was.
A mistake that nearly cost me my life.
I think I’m dead the first time I see my Angel Daddy.
He’s masculinity and dominance all wrapped up into a perfect bundle.
He offers to take care of me, and I can’t understand why.
After all, no one else had wanted me before, why would he want me now?
But I can’t say no. He’s a Daddy and the Little in me wants to obey his every command.

Doctor Daddy’s Lonely Little is a short, hot, and loving story of age play featuring two adults who fall in love at first sight. Together they have to navigate their feelings, insecurities and a danger lurking in the shadows. This story includes DDLG and ABDL, drama, romance, and a happily ever after. Enjoy!

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