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Release Date

September 30, 2021


Dragon Enraged

Ishabelle Torry

Series: Drakkonian Wars,
Book 2

18 months ago, the skies lit up and aliens bombarded the Earth…

Jillian Sheppard…

I never thought the end of the human race would come at the claws of aliens. But here we are, a casualty in an age-old intergalactic war between two species fighting for our planet.

And I hate them both. Or at least I’m trying to…

When a huge, blue and bronzed scaled dragon man shows up at my doorstep, I’m determined to resist the sudden temptation roiling in my gut.

I don’t care if his kisses steal my breath, or his touch leaves me a hot, quaking mess.

There is nothing on this hellish Earth that can make me forget the past and all that’s been stolen.


I never imagined I’d be struck by the sweet, yet condemning scent of the Nocktam.


I’ve already lost one mate, and I sure as Seven Hells don’t deserve another. Nor do I want one.

But the mere thought of severing the bond and setting her free steals my sanity and threatens my soul with eternal darkness.

When our latest strike against the Orlin invasion puts her in harm’s way, I have no choice but to keep her by my side. I won’t…I can’t fail another mate.

Even if it means sacrificing my own life to keep her safe.

If you’re a fan of steamy scifi romance, dragon shifters from space, and enemies to lovers, then this is your book!

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