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Release Date

October 14, 2021


Dragon Queen

Jen L. Grey

Series: The Hidden King,
Book 3
Tropes: Shifter

Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

My world has spiraled out of control, but finding my fated mate has brought some clarity.

I soon learn I’ve been part of this strange world for a lot longer than I’ve ever known, which rocks my very foundation.

Add in the fact that the fae dragon king wants Egan and me dead so he can rule both realms — causing death and destruction at every turn.

No matter what we do, we fall into one trap after another.

However, we refuse to lie down because there’s so much more at stake than what meets the eye. We will protect the thunders … even if it kills us.

If you can’t get enough of books by Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, K.F. Breene, Kelly St. Claire, Shannon Mayer, Leia Stone, and Jaymin Eve, then you’ll love this paranormal romance.

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