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Release Date

October 24, 2021



Elizabeth Knox

Series: ,
Tropes: MM

Above all, I must fulfil my duty. If I don’t, everything will crumble.


Being the eldest son of an upper Italian household comes with many duties, but for me, it’s much different. The DiGiovannis have fallen for the most part, and now my father’s the Don of New York City. While the family still has allegiance to the DiGiovannis that are left, he runs the city, and one day I will.

But, there’s a problem: I have to marry a woman and have a child to secure my claim.

Another problem? I’m gay as a man can be.

There’s no way I can get around marrying someone and having a child. If I even attempt to do so, it’ll cause suspicion and I’ll be executed. The only way I can save myself is by finding someone in another situation. And, somehow, I do.

Her name is Aria Pagano, and she’s a lesbian. We agree to marry to save ourselves and put on a hell of a show, but I’m caught up on a man I can’t stop thinking about. A man who comes back into my life in a shocking way.

***Duty is a prequel to Aubree Valentine and Elizabeth Knox’s upcoming series. Duty is an M/M romance in Angelo’s point-of-view as he and Jay’s journeys collide. To read Jay’s point-of-view, please go read Corrupt by Aubree Valentine. Please Note: certain scenes within this series may be triggering.

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