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Release Date

October 10, 2021



M.M. Wright

Series: The Deliverance Duet,
Book 1

Law enforcement has always been the driving force behind everything I do, especially when it
comes to finding the answers and the person responsible for my brother’s death. Justice and
revenge are the sole purposes of my existence. Nothing more.

That is until a file lands on my desk, imploding my world and lurching my mission into a
direction I never believed I’d go.

I will stop at nothing when it comes to finding the girl I once knew and the woman who’s
plaguing my dreams. The dreams quickly turn into nightmares when I am confronted with the
face of the man holding all the answers I seek, and the girl who undoubtedly will hold my heart.

No one will stop me from obtaining everything I’m after.

No laws.

No oath.

The feeling of entrapment is strong at every turn with secrets yet to be revealed. I need to break
free not only for me but for her and acquire the one thing we never thought was possible.

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