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Release Date

October 8, 2021


Found by a Gray Wolf

Amelia Wilson

Series: Shifters of Otherworld Series,
Book 1
Tropes: Age Gap, Shifter

Everyone has their secrets…and their cravings…”


I shouldn’t have been out there alone.
Just my luck to stumble into a Meth-Camp while hiking in the Oregon forests
Now, tied to a tree, I can hear their camp being attacked by a large animal
No matter how I struggle, I can’t get free – I hear it coming closer
He’s strong, fast, and brutal. He’s also beautiful
His name is Hank Baxter, and he’s come for me.
We’re not clear yet.
An insane man is toying with us, like a cat’s paw he threatens our lives
Hank is not impressed.
There is much more to him than what’s on the surface.
But can I handle whats under his skin, now that he’s gotten under mine?

I wasn’t looking for a project, and certainly not one including a girl half my age
Alina is a scientist: smart, sexy, and nearly fearless.
Helping her out of a jam with those strung out meth-heads didn’t bother me
Some how I’ve volunteered myself to chaperon her on her environmental project
That part turns out alright. But I have secrets, and knowing them changes things.
After a long history of my secrets ending relationships, I’m not anxious for a repeat
Then this other shifter arrives. He clarifies things for me.
Fight him and loose her
or Loose her, and then fight him
I have other options.
Shifters are born to change things up.

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