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Giada. A Guilty Love: A Steamy Forbidden Daddy Romance

Release Date

October 5, 2018


Giada. A Guilty Love: A Steamy Forbidden Daddy Romance

Anna Chillon

Tropes: DD/lg, Forbidden

“May God have pity on me, on him and the enormous mess we’d made”.
A trouble, a scandal and too many secrets.
An exciting steamy forbidden romance.
I wasn’t ready for him, but he didn’t care.
He entered my life like a tornado,
he turned me upside down, taking my breath away,
and made me a woman,
in spite of everything and everyone.
On my eighteenth birthday I thought that life was about to look up, far from imagining what was really in wait for me. Soon I would be overwhelmed, shaken to the foundations, by something much bigger than me, throwing my body and heart into the mouth of a man with the character of a wolf. It was going to be a scandal and a disgrace: no one would understand, because no one knew the many truths that the wolf had been so good at concealing.
Perhaps even he had a heart, albeit a worn out one.
And perhaps, if I fought and ignored appearances, sooner or later I would discover it.

This is a romance novel for adults only.

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