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Release Date

October 1, 2021


Heir of Night

Emily Goodwin

Series: The Thorne Hill Series,
Book 8

Break out of hell. Stop the impending apocalypse. Have a baby. Just a typical Tuesday night for me, right? The odds are against me, and you can only get lucky so many times before the luck runs out.

Because even if I somehow manage to pull that all off, I have to do it without alerting my celestial relatives that I’ve been alive and kicking this whole time. It would be a death sentence not only for me, but also for my father who risked everything to protect me. What it would mean for my daughter…I don’t know, but I can’t imagine she’ll be welcomed with loving arms by the very beings who want to murder her mother.

I’m not alone in the fight, and I’m not sure what scares me more: the thought of losing or the lengths those who love me are willing to go to in order to protect both me and my daughter. Lucas will do whatever it takes to keep me safe, and I don’t want to live in a world without him in it. I won’t let him risk it all for me, but if one of us doesn’t make a sacrifice, there’s a scary chance our daughter could grow up without either of her parents…or not get the chance to grow up at all.

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