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Release Date

October 1, 2021


Her Ride or Die Cowboy

Janalyn Knight

Series: Texas Knights Series,
Book 2

From award winning author Janalyn Knight comes a passionate yet tender love-triangle romance set in beautiful North Texas.

Torn between the love of a handsome cowboy and a man-of-the-world wealthy lawyer, single mom Dallas juggles caring for Piper, her three-year-old daughter whom she cherishes, and working two jobs to make ends meet.

Dating two men at the same time complicates Dallas’s life exponentially. Though each man knows he’s not her only passion, they both strive to be the best, the only one she’ll choose.

Pressure mounts as one date follows the next and her love for each man intensifies. Growing up poor entices Dallas to choose Ethan, the smooth, sexy lawyer, as he can offer everything Dallas has dreamed of for her daughter along with an expensive college education. Yet Cash, the handsome cowboy, gives his heart freely, has a wonderful life on his ranch and loves spending time with Piper.

Unable to choose and with time running out, will the men lose patience and leave Dallas with no one to love?


This is one of the best draw me in, grab ahold, and shake me until I rattle stories I have read in a long time…The author did such an amazing job with these characters you can’t help but feel and experience every emotion, every heartbreak along with all of the turmoil and confusion as if you are there.”

“Janalyn Knight delivers a heart-warming story that will grab you from the very beginning.”

“The characters were so real, you almost felt like you were part of the story.”

“I found myself reading from my phone every free second I had.”

“These characters will remain in your heart long after you have put the book down.”

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