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Release Date

October 24, 2021


Hide & Seek

Liberty Parker

Series: Rage Ryders Templeton,
Book 3
Tropes: MC Romance

Spidey Duke Parsons is a proud member of the Rage Ryders motorcycle club. He never foresaw himself as the type of man to find an ‘Ol lady and settle down. Happily ever afters are fairy tales, and he’s no sword-wielding prince. Horses are replaced by chrome bikes, and blades are in the form of guns. Nah, he’s happy to let his brothers bring back a plaything for the night and send them on their way once the deed is done. There’s a reason for this; her name is Jasmine Marcum, the bane of his existence since high school. Every time he tries to hide from her and her obsession with him, she seeks him out. There’s no hiding from a stalker determined to ruin your life.

Coral Greene has always lived her life on the right side of the law. Her father and grandfather were badge-carrying lawmen. They ingrained in her how important it is to be a good girl. She’s a guard at Templeton’s prison. Not an easy field to work in as a woman, but she’s earned respect from her superiors. She’s proven that she’s no porcelain doll who’ll easily shatter. She also believes in showing those behind bars a semblance of consideration. Not something that all of her coworkers believe in.

There’s something nefarious happening in their town. Can they, along with the members of Spidey’s club, break the chain? Or will they fall victims to the corruptors?

Let the games begin.***

Note: This book is connected to Darlene Tallman’s Search & Find. The two books are a collection where lives intertwine.

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