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Release Date

October 2, 2021


Hired By Billionaire Boss

Paisley Summer

Series: ,

Carter is unlike anyone I’ve ever met.
Well, if you call hitting him with my car an actual meeting.
He’s handsome, friendly, clever, and a little quirky… in a good way.
Instead of making me use money I don’t have to pay for his bike repairs, he wants me to work off my debt as his personal assistant.
Easy enough. Right?
How hard could it be?
Harder than I thought.
First, there’s Gavin, Carter’s uncle. He doesn’t like me, and something tells me to watch my back with him.
Next, there’s information about me I’d rather not make public, but Gavin has other ideas.
As I try to keep my secret contained, I discover Mr. Do-No-Wrong has secrets of his own, and now I must tell Carter.
I’m not so sure I’m in the best position to do so, especially now that we’re secretly seeing each other.
I’d hate to ruin a good thing.
But some things are more important than love… I hope.

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