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Release Date

September 30, 2021


It's Her Daddy For Me

Makeesa Aghdasy

Life had been one constant struggle after another for young, beautiful Raven Cook. Having grown up in the system her whole life, Raven had no choice but to raise herself and hustle to survive.

When she ends up saving sweet-tempered good girl Zari Oakley from an abusive relationship, the two quickly bond and become the best of friends, despite their uniquely different childhoods. For the first time, Raven has someone she loves and trusts like a sister, and she’s thrilled when Zari invites her to her family’s home for a summer vacation.

Having heard some stories of Zari’s dysfunctional family dynamic, Raven is unsure of what to expect upon meeting Zari’s parents for the first time. However, she never counted on the toxic relationships between family members, and certainly not the fatal attraction she would have to Zari’s own father, Dashon, who’s as alluring and off-limits as they come. Her attraction begins to spiral out of control when she realizes the Oakleys’ luxurious lifestyle isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, with a bizarre family history and dark secrets.The last thing Raven wants to do is betray Zari and destroy their friendship. Torn between her own desires and the risk of losing everything she holds dear, Raven treads a dangerous, forbidden path and has a battle with the messiest sin: temptation.

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