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Release Date

October 1, 2021


Kenneth: A Mountain Man Curvy Woman Romance

Emily Evans

Series: Veterans in Alaska,
Book 2
Tropes: Curvy, Military


When I get a business call right before boarding the small plane flying to Virgin Falls, of course I have to take it.
After not seeing my grandmother for years because of corporate life, I pack my things and fly to her, but business is still business.
The pilot thinks I’m a silly urbanite.
But it’s not as if he doesn’t care about his work.
I’m not so thrilled about Alaskan wilderness…especially not when a terrifying storm force us to do an emergency landing.
And then we have to stay in a remote cabin for the night.
I’m not prepared for feeling so attracted to him.
Alaska no longer feels so bad, not with him in it.
I came to Alaska for a few weeks and didn’t expect to find love here, but will this veteran and a mountain man ever see me as more than a silly urbanite?


When the storm hits us, I do everything in my power to keep my passenger safe.
I know her grandmother, and I’d rather die than have to tell her I failed to protect her.
At first, I think of her as a silly – and gorgeous – urbanite.
But when I see how terrified she is of the Alaskan weather, I do whatever it takes to bring her to safety.
I try not to act on my attraction, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult.
I soon realize that she is the one I want to be with.
She is the one I want to love and cherish and build a life with.
But can I do it without betraying the first and only woman I’ve ever loved?

We made a vow. As military men, our word is our bond, so now that we’ve retired, we’re back at Virgin Falls to support our fallen brother’s wife. The Alaskan town was our place to unwind. A beautiful place with people who are friendly if somewhat reserved. We want to start new lives here and grow our families together. But can we find love in these remote mountains?

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