July, 2018

19Jul12:00 am11:59 pmKing by Kerri Annhe’s the one captured, but I’m captivated… Choose Genre:Contemporary RomanceChoose Kindle Unlimited:NoChoose Trope:Motorcycle Romance Standalone or Series: Standalone Read more

Standalone or Series



She’s the one captured, but I’m captivated…

She ignites a fire within me that I cannot hope to control, and her strength in the face of defeat consumes me.

She’s my job. A job I intend to complete. My club needs something from her and I’ll make it happen at all costs. Or at least I thought I would.

I thought it would be simple; I thought I could control her, but before I know it, the tables are turned and I’m no longer so sure of my chance at victory.

To save her, I may chance everything. My life, my future….my club.

Who will win this war of wills?

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