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Release Date

November 2, 2021


Leap into the Dark

Ann Jensen

Series: Dark Sons MC,
Book 5

Jade enjoys sharing the joy and freedom she finds in Parkour through her gym, Leap. When the Dark Sons Old Ladies hire her for a private class, a hidden fantasy of hers comes true. She gets to meet her celebrity crushes, Hannibal and Ink, and wins time and tattoos from them in a bet.

Ex-Rangers Hannibal and Ink do everything together from joining the Dark Sons MC to opening Dark Ink Tattoo Studio. They couldn’t help but be drawn to the vibrant woman who wasn’t afraid to take them on in a challenge. What they didn’t know was her best friend and business partner was keeping dangerous secrets.

When the Russian mob comes to collect a debt, Jade is in over her head. Will she risk her growing relationship with the dynamic men by getting them involved in her growing problems?

Will they be there to save her when she takes a leap into the dark?

This is book five in the Dark Sons Motorcycle Club series and can be enjoyed independently.

This dark contemporary romance has elements of danger, mystery, suspense, adult themes, possible triggers for some readers, adult content, sensual scenes and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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