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Release Date

September 30, 2021


Loki's Flame

Rowan St George

Series: Valhalla Heathens MC,
Book 1
Tropes: MC Romance

Erik Anderson aka Loki is the Valhalla Heathens MC Prez and what he says goes. No one questions his rule over the streets of the French Quarter. Loki’s club deals in the import and export business. When a new girl shows up looking for a job he decides immediately she’d look good bending to his will. After all, no one says no to Loki.

Bridget Ivy Walsh is grieving the loss of her younger sister and the only thing on her mind when she comes to New Orleans is how to avenge her death. Someone gave her the poison that ended her life and Bridget will put everything on the line, including her fiance and career if it means she can have vengeance.

Can the monsters that hunt in the night be trapped in the light of day?

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