May, 2019

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Standalone or Series



Oh, shut the front door…

AJ McAdams, military romance writer, wasn’t prepared for the news, and now finds herself leaving the pristine, sunny shores of Coronado Island in California for the beautiful and moody Sequim, Washington in search of answers.

You like to live dangerous, AJ?

Former Army Ranger, Ryler Dean, wants no part of this little spitfire with the long tan legs. He has no time for her drama either, no matter what his body is demanding.

Come out, come out and play!

Ryler isn’t the only one with his eye on AJ, though. Someone else is watching her as well, and they’re not just watching – they’re hunting. Now the people closest to AJ are getting caught in the crossfire. As she seeks the truth about her past, she must decide who she can trust. What will she do? Where will she go? And will she live long enough to figure it all out?