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Mafia Prince - Bella J

Release Date

June 26, 2018


Mafia Prince

Bella J

Series: Royal Mafia,
Book 2

Mafia Prince is book 2 in the bestselling series, Royal Mafia, byInternational Bestselling Author Bella J. Although it can be read as a standalone,it’s best to start the series with Mafia Princess. The complete series isavailable now!

Being a Valenti can be a godsend…or a curse.

For me, it’s both.

There was a time when I thought I wanted a different life. A life with her. But that changed the day she left–the day she ripped my heart out.

Now I’m a heartless man, living my life like I have nothing to lose. Reckless, ruthless, callous, and consumed by darkness.

But she’s back, the woman who destroyed me. Only this time she’s one of them–the enemy.

She thinks she can play me, torture me by walking around in our world like she belongs here. But on these streets, I’m a goddamn prince. I’ll ruin. I’ll rule. And I’ll start a goddamn war in this city.

Because Layla Moore belongs to no one…but me.

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