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Release Date

September 30, 2021


Making Rounds

JA Armstrong

Series: Special Delivery,
Book 6

Raising three children ensures life is never dull for Dr. Brooke Campbell and her wife Tess. Striking the right balance while managing hectic schedules and competing priorities is no simple task. Twins, David and Danielle, are about to turn thirteen. The little baby they were so excited to welcome is quickly becoming a toddler. A year of failed attempts at conceiving another baby has left Tess disappointed, and Brooke wondering if they should stop their efforts.

Brooke announces she’s taking a sabbatical to spend more time with the family. And Tess decides she needs to visit her parents and confront fears she’s long tried to suppress. Unexpected news from Tess’s mother, Mary, brings mother and daughter closer than Tess dreamed possible. With the support of her mother, Tess makes an admission to Brooke that will change the lives of their entire family.

Loving someone is easy. Maintaining a family full of distinct personalities, ideas, dreams, and anxieties takes more than hard work. It requires humility. And it often demands sacrifice. Brooke and Tess are about to learn a few lessons in Making Rounds.

Making Rounds is the sixth installment in the Special Delivery Series by JA Armstrong.

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