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Release Date

October 17, 2021


Missing in Time

B.D. Brown

What happens when supernaturals start going missing? Who is there to save them? The Gods have disappeared, thought to have left the worlds to fend for themselves. Or have they?

A goddess who fought a war long forgotten where she lost everything she held dear, is held for centuries against her will. For her knowledge and secrets. Only to escape and find her name is but that of legends. Forgotten by the masses. Rae stays hidden away from the world, blending into the ordinary lives around her. Avoiding those that would use her.

Until supernaturals begin going missing at an alarming rate, one being a close friend. When it seems old enemies may be the cause, it’s up to Rae to save them all and prevent another war. With the Gods coming out of hiding and captivity, can Rae depend on new friends to have her back or does the fate of the supernatural world rest on her shoulders alone?This is a Slow Burn RH with future FF/MM.

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