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No Saint

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Release Date

September 16, 2019


No Saint

Rie Warren

Series: Blood Legion MC Book,
Book 3
Tropes: MC Romance

With a rap sheet as long as the inked sleeves on my arms, I’ve finally found a home with Blood Legion MC. Through thick and thin, brawls and bloodletting, I’ve created a rep: I’m the man.

I’m the man, and Honoré’s the only woman I want. The beautiful street busker takes my breath away from the first moment I see her—all untapped passion simmering just beneath the surface. Something darker simmers just beneath the surface of her life too.

Being someone’s old lady is the last thing on my mind. Been there, done that, along with the random ink and riding bitch on some guy’s bike. I can’t spare time for a surly biker who has rattled my last nerve in a sexy, delicious way.

I want to hate Saint and everything he stands for, but he’s ridiculously hot and annoyingly persistent. When he brings danger to my door, it’s only a matter of time before my secrets spill over to rip us apart.

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