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Oui - Letitia Washington

Release Date

September 29, 2018


Oui: A BWWM Romance

Brooklyn Knight

Series: The French Connection,
Book 1
Tropes: Rock Star

Laila Renaud is only concerned about two things: securing an internship position at the prestigious Hamilton Associates, and forging her path as an influential businesswoman of color. To do that, she must sock-it to her long-time rival, Ryder Hanson and prove that she is the cream of the crop. But the moment she lays eyes on Dylan Hamilton, the princely CEO at her internship site, she is forced to devise a Plan B, because being in this man’s presence is sure to turn her world – and her goals – upside down.

For Dylan, it was a good thing that his firm only took on one intern a year, and had chosen Ryder Hanson. It meant he wouldn’t have to see Laila Renaud again and he could ignore the raw desire which had almost overpowered him when he’d seen her sitting in his boardroom on the day of the work shadow. But when his business partner insists that the firm bring her on as a second intern, it’s only a matter of time before the sparks burst into flames.

Laila is driven by success and after being double-crossed in love and business, she has no time for love.

Dylan is driven by an intense desire to show Laila that she can have both success and him, if she wants.

All she has to do is say oui…

All he has to do is convince her to say it.

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