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Release Date

October 10, 2021


Park Avenue Pretender

Crystal Perkins

Series: A Hero Club Novel,
Tropes: Billionaire

I love being a manny. Love it. Especially when my boss goes on extended business trips and leaves me with the keys to his Park Avenue penthouse. I mean, sure, I’ve got to watch his daughter, but she loves me almost as much as she loves her favorite K-Pop group. Really.

All is going well until their new neighbor thinks I’m the actual billionaire next door, and I don’t correct her. What could possibly go wrong?


I need to nail down some dirt against the billionaire next door before he succeeds in taking over my family’s company. But, once I meet him, I just want him to nail me. It’s a problem, especially when the guy I’m falling for is nothing like the one I’ve heard so much about.

What’s a girl to do when her heart wants her to give up on her crusade, but her head is telling her no man is worth losing everything for?

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