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Release Date

October 10, 2021


Peter and the Alliance

Merry Farmer

Series: Peter and the Wolves,
Book 4
Tropes: MM

My name is Peter Gravlock, and I have a new name for the new world my lover, Magnus, is attempting to create…with my help, of course.

Everything depends on convincing the recalcitrant leaders of the forest settlements to come together, and who is better positioned to whisper in the ears of the most powerful men in the forest than the pups who share their beds?

We have formed a cabal of our own, though, and what better way to deepen the ties that bind the pups than through sensuality. But a little fun between friends could endanger everything I’ve built with Neil, and if I can’t figure out how to fix the many mistakes I’ve made, I could lose everything I hold most dear.

AUTHORS NOTE: Peter and the Wolves was a project that I started to entertain myself this year. It’s WAY outside of the box of what I usually write, so if you’re looking for my standard Historical Romance fare, this ain’t it! But if you’re looking for a non-magical sort-of-fantasy, epic, MMM+, SUPER-steamy story of a young man coming into his own and discovering his political and “personal” power, this is the series for you!

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Steam level – SUPER, insanely steamy!

The books in the Peter and the Wolves series should be read in order.

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