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April 22, 2017


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T L Swan

Series: ,

I met him, the man of my dreams.
On the worst day of my life.

Catching my boyfriend out was bad.
Coming of the club in a daze, I stumbled upon a situation which was worse.
Much worse.

And it would have been deadly too,
If he wasn’t there to save me.
My unsuspecting hero.

He was rugged, wild and powerful.
The way he looked at me set me on fire.
He was wrong for all the right reasons, a bad man with a good heart.
And I fell, way too hard.

Things started to go amiss and pieces of the puzzle are missing.
Why was he there that day, who is he really?
I’m so confused.

My head and heart are in a battle to the death.
Do I leave with my head.
Or stay and love with my heart.

Publishers note….This is a full length, stand alone, romantic suspense.

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